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Inside the world of people with psychic powers, from fire starters to X-ray vision

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fires with their mind – or move objects without touching them?The question of whether humans can have psychic powers has been discussed for centuries.And now a new film tells the story of a young girl who develops pyrokinesis – the ability to create fire via thought – and is hunted by a secret government agency.Firestarter, which features Ryan Kiera Armstrong as the flame-setting Charlie McGee and Zac Efron as her dad Andy, is based on a 1980 book of the same name by Stephen King.

But other real people have claimed to have spooky psychic skills, as Nadine Linge reveals... Born near Edinburgh in 1833, Daniel Dunglas Home was a celebrated Victorian medium who boasted a string of impressive skills.He could play an accordion without touching its keys, summon disembodied limbs, make objects float and levitate.

Several eyewitness accounts recorded him rising up and hovering in the air.Home could also handle fire – plunging his hand into flames and taking a fiery coal without being burned, an ability known as pyrokinesis.While many were sceptical of his talents, he refused payment and performed in well-lit conditions.

He was even tested by leading physicist Sir William Crookes in 1874, who declared his powers real.But his skills proved to be no flaming use when ill health caused his powers to fail.

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