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I was trapped in hotel quarantine in Australia as my beloved dad died, says Belfast actor Jamie Dornan

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JAMIE DORNAN was on the other side of the world with four days of his hotel quarantine remaining when he received the worst news imaginable.

His beloved father Jim had died from Covid after going into hospital for a routine knee operation. Stuck in Australia last March, where he was required to isolate ahead of filming BBC drama The Tourist, Jamie was unable to get back to his native Northern Ireland to deal with the heartbreaking loss.

Suddenly, Jamie, 39, best known for starring in Fifty Shades Of Grey on the big screen and telly thriller The Fall, found himself caught in a nightmarish situation caused by the global pandemic.

So he understands the trauma so many people have experienced over the past couple of years. Jamie says: “It’s been a brutal time for lots of reasons and for lots of people.

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Jamie Dornan's heartache after being 'trapped' in quarantine abroad as beloved dad died
 The star's father, who is a world-renowned obstetrician, died in March at the age of 73.He had gone into hospital to have a routine knee operation when he contracted coronavirus.Following his devastating loss, Jamie explained that he can relate to what so many other people have been through during the pandemic.He said: "It’s been a brutal time for lots of reasons and for lots of people."We’re all just trying to ride it out and come out the other side — and hope we’ve got our heads intact," he told The Sun.The award-winning star went on to explain how he has suffered "a lot of pain and loss" in his lifetime.Jamie lost his mother Lorna to pancreatic cancer when he was just 16-years-old.He credits his dad in helping him to cope with the loss, as he told him, "Don’t let this be the thing that defines you".Previously, the star opened up on the "extreme" filming conditions he faced when filming the BBC series, The Tourist.Jamie is the leading character who is hunted across Australia while trying to regain his lost memories.The star recently spoke about what filming was like, as he shared that it was the longest show he’d filmed in his career.“It was a huge commitment,” the actor began.“I had very little time off, so it was very extreme, but I loved it.”Despite being away from home, Jamie brought his wife, Amelia Warner, and their three daughters Dulcie, Elva and Alberta with him Down Under.Jamie is famously known for playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise.He will be joined in the new BBC series by fellow cast members that include Shalom Brune-Franklin as Luci, Damon Herriman as DI Lachlan Rogers, Danielle MacDonald as Helen Chambers, and Alex Dimitriades as Kostas.