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'I spent my house deposit on surgery after I broke up with my boyfriend'

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READ MORE: Mum born with no collarbones shows off 'party trick' by folding body in halfWinny decided to splash the cash on cosmetic surgery instead of putting down some money for a roof over her head.In a TikTok clip that has gone viral, she explained that her boyfriend did not want Winny to get her lips enhanced.She even claimed that he "wouldn't" let her.

As she posed in the mirror, Winny lifted her top lip up and wrote: "When he wouldn't let you get a lip flip so you spend your housing deposit on it after you breakup."Now a single and free woman she booked an appointment for a 'lip lift' surgical procedure.

Winny filmed herself in a hospital gown and hair net just before she went under the knife.With her hand on her head and a mask on, Winny awaited her face changing operation.In the next clip, Winny's top lip and nose was covered with a hefty bandage while her lower face appeared to be slightly swollen.

After a while, she removed the dressings to reveal her slightly bloody nose where the incision was made beneath. Although not fully healed, Winny's top lip already appeared fuller. WARNING, GRAPHIC LANGUAGE IN VIDEO BELOW: She voiced: "Everyone has their insecurities this is the one thing I wanted to change.""Apparently it’s called a lip lift not a flip idk it was all in French so I apologise for miseducation", she clarified in the comments.

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