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I flipped my luxury Mercedes in shock crash – the fire brigade had to clear the wreckage, reveals Nick Grimshaw

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NICK Grimshaw once flipped a Mercedes G-Wagon so dramatically that not only did the fire brigade have to rescue him, but a famous F1 driver grilled him about it.

Nick, 37, had just moved into a new house when he flipped the £120,000 SUV - blocking school traffic and prompting Lewis Hamilton to scold him for his driving skills.

The TV star revealed because the car was so big, the fire brigade had to come and assess how they would get it up again. “I did a deal with this car company where they said like, if you DJ for us and like, you do some stuff for us, we'll do some stuff for you," Nick told Angela Hartnett on their weekly podcast, Dish.

The company lent Nick the Mercedes G-Wagon as part of the deal and it didn't take him long to wreak havoc. "So, I had that and I’d just moved house and I just moved in, and I think my neighbours were already having a cardiac arrest like, ‘Oh God, look who's moved in next door'," he explained.

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