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‘I choked on bloody water after shark’s teeth ripped my flesh and bones like saws’

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shark's teeth ripped through his flesh and bones like they were saws.Paul de Gelder, 45, lost part of his arm and leg in a shark attack but has urged people not to fear the ocean predators.Having been a paratrooper for four years, de Gelder became a Navy bomb disposal diver and was undergoing a routine military exercise in 2009 when he was swimming in across the waters of naval base HMAS Kuttabul in Sydney Harbour, Australia.READ MORE: Food blogger who ate 'great white shark' on video now being investigated by policeSwimming in the murky waters of the harbour on a February morning, De Gelder's worst nightmare came true as a battle for his life ensued when a shark bit him.De Gelder called it a moment he had "dreaded all [his] life" as he fell into a state of shock.He said: "I was in pain when it grabbed me, but at this moment it wasn’t any worse than some of the hard parachute landings I’d had in the army or skateboard accidents I’d had as a kid."I tried to punch the shark and that’s when I realised my right hand was pinned by its teeth on to my leg."All the fight left my body at that moment as the shark’s rows of teeth worked through my flesh and bones like saws."The Australian said he believed his death was inevitable during the attack and had accepted his fate after looking back on his past of being bullied and realising what he had achieved in his life since then.He started to "choke on bloody water" as the shark pulled him deeper into the ocean and to de Gelder's surprise, the shark let him go and disappeared.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Despite the 45-year-old almost miraculously escaping from the clutches of the apex predator, he was in no way.

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