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Hypnotist shares 5-step technique to 'think yourself thin' and lose 'lockdown stone'

weight loss.Aaron who runs City Hypnosis, London, has shared his five-step technique to 'think yourself thin' and lose that 'lockdown stone'.The expert, who has treated a range of celebs, including Ant McPartlin, Montana Brown and Charlie Brooker, said: "Hypnosis is all about fundamental mindset shifts that change your relationship with food."He continued telling Daily Mail: "This will lead to new healthy eating habits becoming naturally ingrained subconsciously for the long term."Weight loss is all down to the power of the mind, not fad diets.

The techniques outlined below will help you to become happier and more confident and eventually you will be able to eat what you want without feeling shame or guilt."Being slim is a state of mind..

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