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'HSMTMTS' Season 2 Trailer: Watch Derek Hough's Splashy Entrance (and Are Ricky & Nini in Trouble?)

!Disney+ released the official trailer for the anticipated second season on Thursday and the East High Wildcats are about to meet their match: North High.In the new two-minute teaser, judge Derek Hough makes a splashy entrance as Miss Jenn's ex-boyfriend Zack, who happens to be leading their main rival high school's drama production of .

When Miss Jenn (Kate Reinders) learns about her ex's plans to enter into a prestigious theater competition, she follows suit and enlists her East High protégés to with their own spring production of.

You know, to determine who's ultimately the best.But the choice of as the drama department's next musical wasn't exactly an easy one to make.

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