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How to perfectly organise your wardrobe in seven expert steps

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Style Sisters: Helping You Live an Organised and Stylish Life (Yellow Kite, £16.99). It should be "filled with clothes you love and want to wear - not a place to store items you're holding on to because they cost a small fortune or have sentimental value.

If you're not going to wear it, it has to go." Turn all your hangers in one direction, then when you wear an item, put it back the opposite way round. "In six months' time, you will be able to see what you have and haven't worn, helping in your next detox," they add.John Lewis's storage expert Vicky Silverthorn, whose private clients include Storm model agency boss Sarah Doukas and model Abbey Clancy, advocates decluttering to create 'a daily wardrobe' in her book Start with your Sock.

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