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How I finally got rid of my dark circles at 48

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seemingly overnight.If a glowing complexion is deemed the epitome of good health, then dark circles under your eyes depict a sorry existence of sleepless nights and burning the candle at both ends.

Which is why, despite a lacklustre social life and a 9pm bedtime, I am about to have my under-eyes injected with hyaluronic acid.If you’d have told me 12 months ago that I’d be having “tear-trough filler” in a bid to look less like Jack Sparrow, I’d have scoffed – as Coco Chanel said: “Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young.” But when your dark circles are persisting through a thick layer of concealer, it’s time to upgrade from eye cream.I’ve seen enough bad filler to know it’s not what you have done but who does it that matters most.

Dr Marwa Ali at Harrods Wellness Clinic has one of the lightest touches in the business and is renowned for turning away clients who come in with a laundry list of treatments for which they’re not suitable.Still, I was nervous: the eye area is notoriously tricky to treat and the skin underneath is fragile and prone to damage.

Dr Ali uses a cannula (a tiny tube) inserted at cheekbone level – nowhere near your eyes – which is the safest vessel for the gel to pass through.Dr Ali believes less is more.

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