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Horror swarm of bees sting 76 rookie monks – leaving 6 fighting for their lives in comas

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READ MORE: Hot weather could lead to 20,000-strong swarms of angry bees in the UKOf the 76 monks stung, 70 were taken to the region's three hospitals where 19 were admitted in a serious condition and six more were in a coma.The bees gathered came together from several hives to attack the monks who were spending the afternoon sweeping up, Bangkok Post reported.The temple abbot, Phra Ratcha Jetiyajarn confirmed 53 monks went to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and 23 to the Chang Phuek Hospital and Rhuampath Chiangmai Hospital.Hospital director Dr Naren Chotirosnimitr said six of them arrived at the hospital in a coma after suffering dangerously low blood pressure.

He explained how multiple bee stings can be fatal patients allergic to them with symptoms including nausea, difficulty breathing and a nasty rash.

Dr Naren added that 34 of the monks at his hospital left on the same day after being treated for minor injuries but they'd receive check ups at the temple to monitor their recovery.Abbot Phra Ratcha Jetiyajarn said there was nothing to suggest why the bees suddenly launched their attack as the monks carried out a routine clean-up operation.Never before had the insects been an issue but he insisted that even after the devastating swarm, the temple would keep the bee hives but urge visitors to roam the temple grounds with caution. For more shocking stories from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters hereMore recently, a Brit family have been trapped indoors and unable to use their garden because of an angry swarm of bees that live in the roof of their home.Charlotte Down, who lives in Canterbury in a council owned property, said her family has been tormented by thousands of the insects.Last.

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