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Horror as woman bungee jumps to her death after 'misinterpreting signal to go'

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A young woman has died on a bungee jump after reportedly mistaking the signal to go before her cord had been attached. Yecenia Morales, 25, is believed to have leapt from the 40-metre bridge in northern Colombia after hearing a 'go' signal meant for her boyfriend.

A video of the victim jumping to her death from the viaduct was filmed by another tourist on a nearby cliff, reports the Daily Star.

Around 100 people were waiting to bungee off a bridge at a height of around 45 meters when the incident occurred. Yecenia was with her boyfriend who was ahead of her in the line for the activity.

The bungee cord had not been fastened to her ankles when she misinterpreted a signal for her partner and jumped herself. It is believed she suffered a

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