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Harry Potter fans stunned to learn Draco Malfoy’s insanely low total screen time across entire franchise

HARRY Potter fans were blown away to learn that Draco Malfoy had just 31 minutes of screen time across the entire saga. British actor Tom Felton played Harry’s Slytherin nemesis for a decade - over the course of the eight film adaptions.

But it turns out that Tom was had just 31 minutes on screen and only features on screen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for one minute and 15 seconds, according to a resurfaced rundown of characters’ screen time on IMDb.

Harry Potter enthusiasts have been left gobsmacked after discovering the total screen time, with one writing: “I did not realise that, that’s crazy.” Another stunned Twitter user commented: “I can’t believe Tom Felton was only in Harry Potter for 31 minutes.” A third shocked.

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