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Guide: Replacing your TV with a 4K projector can bring you next-gen gaming cinema bliss

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PS5 and Xbox Series X bring high-end 4K graphics to the masses, it's getting more and more expensive to find a decent gaming display.Of course, there are tons of reasonably-priced 4K TVs, but these can often suffer from poor refresh rates, image burn-in, and dodgy colour quality.It means gamers are forking out more and more for a decent display, with many now asking why they don't just go the extra mile and get a proper gaming projector.

It sounds good on paper: wall-size gaming, allowing you to enjoy your console titles in detail. But if you've ever tried to game on a cheap projector, you'll know that it just doesn't quite match up to a TV. READ NEXT: 'Leaked GTA 6 map' shows off huge Caribbean setting with surprise locationsProjector companies like BenQ and Epson have started to address this issue by releasing a new range of projectors offering all the high-end image features you'd get in a posh TV, whether it's HDR10+ or true 4K resolution, for about the same price as a pricey screen.This guide to the latest gaming-ready projectors should give you an idea of your options, including the kind of budget you'll need, how much space they'll take up, and what the benefits are.

Spoiler alert: it won't be cheap, but it might be great. There are a huge range of gaming projectors out there, but unfortunately, getting something that provides the same image quality as a decent TV isn't cheap.On the mid-range end of the spectrum there's the BenQ X1300i.

Billed as a dedicated gaming projector from BenQ, this LED-powered gaming projector has multiple gaming modes and can project up to 1080p resolution.

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