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Furious mum's ingenious payback on car that always parks in her drive

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Daily Mirror reports.She then immediately started feeling guilty about her actions, as she realised she was also blocking two of her neighbours' driveways and reasoned that the miscreant was probably a friend of one of them. READ MORE: Prince Harry told to 'get a degree' as back up from Royal Family exit masterplanSo, to seek reassurance that her behaviour was reasonable, she took to popular online forum Mumsnet."I've just popped out for ten minutes, I came home and there’s a car parked on my drive," she explained. "I live in a busy walking area, but there’s tons of street parking available, so no idea why they’ve used my drive rather than using that."With a grinning emoji, she then added: "Good news is I’ve parked them in.

The bad news is that none of my neighbours (two houses) can get their cars on the drive now and I’m guessing it’s one of their friends."In the post, which has now received floods of responses, the woman shared a diagram layout of the road arrangement."I’ve attached a diagram (of course)," she said. "I’m house one and the X is the random car parked on my drive."Neighbours are two and three - and have their own drives/parking spaces (both empty).

My car is the *, so it’s blocking everyone at the moment!"To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Turning to fellow users online for advice, she pleaded for an outside response."If it's one of your neighbours' friends surely they would have told them not to park on your drive – you are not being unreasonable," one user assured."Good, hopefully they will be back before you have to go out again," a second user wrote.A third commented: "This happened to a friend of mine – it turned out to be a stolen car.

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