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Friend of Audi driver killed in 200mph crash filmed the moments leading to horror impact

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READ MORE: Met Police shoot armed man in London before Air Ambulance flies him to hospital The video shows the pair in the £120k Audi dodging and weaving between other vehicles at break-neck speed on the motorway at night.It also captured the rising number on the speedometer before Brischetto fatally slammed into another vehicle.Before the collision, the pair had been carefree despite their terrifying speeds and had even sung along to music in the car as they sped along.Local news reported that a passenger and a pregnant woman, who had been driving the vehicle that was hit, were rushed to hospital, both with serious injuries.But medics were unable to help and Brischetto died of his injuries shortly after the crash.Images of the crash later showed the vehicle in bits, with parts scattered all over the road.Police in Italy have opened an investigation, it has been confirmed.And this wasn't the first time Brischetto was seen racing his cars at unbelievable speeds - the young man had made a habit of driving luxury cars, including a Lamborghini, at speeds approaching 200mph, while friends filmed his daring deeds.This comes just days after three teens were killed in yet another fatal car crash in North Yorkshire.This crash saw an Alfa Romeo smashed at around 11 pm last Friday (July 29), claiming the lives of a 17-year-old and two 18 year olds, with two of the teenagers being identified as Aaron Bell and Loui Banks.Tributes poured in for the teens, with one friend writing: "You guys where taken from us too soon.

We all love you and we hope you're in a better place. I’m so sorry this has happened to you boys, you were truly amazing. Rip we love you."A fourth teenager, aged 18, who is thought to have been the driver in the.

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