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Freaky Viral Video Shows Paranormal 'Creature' Walking On A Bridge -- Or Is It A 'Witch'!? Look!

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Need help staying awake tonight? Boy, do we have the viral video for you! This insanely scary footage recorded in India has been making the rounds on social media over the past few weeks, picking up so much attention that multiple Indian news outlets have been reporting on it.

What’s gotten everyone so shook up, you ask? The video purportedly shows a supernatural “creature” walking on a bridge — and no one can agree on what the figure actually is! VOTE: Did This Guy Capture A Real Ghost On Video!? The footage (below) starts with a group of motorcyclists riding along the highway at night.

Suddenly, they stop when the group sees what looks like a naked woman with a shaved head walking on the highway. By herself.

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