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Flight attendant explains one item that's essential for passenger's cabin bag

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READ MORE: Inside nude holidays – from raunchy naked village to no clothes festival Speaking to her 82.8k followers, the beauty behind travel blog Blonde Voyage said: This is simple but I can't tell you how many times a day I get asked for a blanket by someone wearing shorts and a crop top on the plane."Always, always, always bring a sweatshirt on the plane, to the airport."The airport is freezing, the plane can sometimes be cold."While it can be annoying to drag a jumper around the airport with you when you’re sitting in 30degrees heat somewhere warm you’ll be glad of the warmth on the air conditioned flight.Caroline also claims you shouldn’t only dress for your destination.She said: "Even if you are going somewhere tropical and you're not going to need it, bring it on the plane, dress warmly."A lot of airlines don’t have blankets so don’t bank on that!

That’s why I say dress warm."And, we’d go so far as to suggest throwing a pair of leggings in your bag too.After all, when you land back in the UK it’s usually freezing cold.Plenty of frequent flyers have their own must-have in-flight item.Toni Raurich, director of, said that they always bring an empty shampoo bottle.

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