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Family 'electrocuted' during nightmare Butlins stay with 'blood' smeared on walls

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Butlins after they were allegedly electrocuted while staying in nightmare accommodation with "blood" smeared across the walls.

Katarzyna and David Baldock described their stay with their daughter and a friend at Butlins Minehead as "horrific" and said they claim they were merely handed a teddy bear as compensation in July.

Heartbroken mum Katarzyna said she was "pulled in" by the worst electric shock she had ever felt as she went to switch off the bedroom light at around 9.30pm on the first night. READ MORE Mum slams caravan claiming 'white powder' found after boozy weekender at Butlin's site But she said the holiday had already got off to a rough start after they walked into the "shocking" conditions, which she says the cleaners would "have to be blind" not to have seen.The mum "could not believe" what came next, saying staff at Butlins were not the least bit sympathetic and claimed that no staff members were even on site to help - leaving them "outside for hours" waiting to move to safer accommodation.

Butlins, however, disputes this and says that an electrician was on the scene within the hour and the family was moved to alternative accommodation, reports CornwallLive. "I couldn't believe guests get treated that way," Katarzyna said. "And they wouldn't move us for hours.

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