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Explosions, solar flares, no air: Potential disasters on Jeff Bezos' hyped space trip

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Jeff Bezos has built one of the biggest empires in the world.And as one of the world’s richest ever men, he can afford to buy pretty much anything he wants – but whilst some would be happy swanning in superyachts and splashing the cash on private jets, this isn’t enough for the Amazon boss.He is risking it all to head off the planet next month as part of the first crew aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft.The 11-minute ride to space is fraught with danger and Bezos will hurtle into orbit at an incredible 2,300 miles per hour - roughly three times the speed of sound.But just how much is the tycoon putting on the line for his out-of-this-world experience?The Daily Star took a look at the biggest dangers Bezos faces on his trip to.

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