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Emmerdale's Alicia Metcalfe star hints at return to soap amid sister Leyla's drug battle

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Emmerdale fans could soon see yet another familiar face reappear in the ITV soap, as Natalie Anderson has hinted she could soon be back.Natalie played Alicia Metcalfe from 2010 until 2015, the adoptive mum of Jacob Gallagher and sister to Leyla Cavanagh.And now, as her on-screen sibling has been forced to confront her addiction to cocaine with the arrival of newcomer Suzy, Alicia could soon be back to throw her support in Leyla's corner.She'll need all the help she can get, too - Leyla is currently busy trying to keep her secret from the other villagers, including her GP husband Liam, after the devastating miscarriage she suffered earlier this year.Now Natalie has opened up exclusively to Daily Star about her future on the soap at the MEN Pride of Manchester awards, explaining: "Well to be honest, I’m really having a great time with what I’m doing on Hollyoaks at the moment. "Obviously never say never - I love Emmerdale with all my heart!

But right now I’m just really enjoying Hollyoaks." It sounds promising - and even if it doesn't happen quite yet, Emmerdale fans will likely have their fingers crossed at a potential for Alicia's return.Speaking about her perfect storyline for her Hollyoaks character undercover police officer D.S.

Lexi Calder, Natalie told us: "My dream Hollyoaks story - I think I’d like to become some kind of villain. I think that’s where I’m headed."She couldn't resist comparing Lexi to her previous character, though, as she added: "I think Alicia was so lovely, it would be really nice to play the antithesis of that and have the opportunity to play a villain."Of course, acting isn't the only plate Natalie has been spinning, as she has also had an incredible music career - including appearances in.

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