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EastEnders Phil Mitchell's future - Alfie feud, Keeble is Phil's sister and Sam exposed

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EastEnders that his sister Sam had been lying to him for months.The bombshell revelation was made by Shirley Carter, who also told Phil that she knows the truth about his connection to DCI Keeble - and has since blackmailed him in return for ownership of Peggys.With so much at stake, viewers are now speculating about Phil's future and what could happen to him as the truth about him and Keeble begins to unravel.READ NEXT: EastEnders fans 'work out' Amy Mitchell pregnancy twist in Denzel relationship plotHere, Daily Star takes a look at some of the fan theories surround Phil Mitchell.After Shirley learnt that Phil was working for the police, she dropped a huge bombshell and revealed to him that Sam was playing him for months.Kat Slater realised that Sam was behind the couple's recent problems, leading Phil to kick her out of the house.Now some fans think that Phil could bring down Sam and expose her, leading to Billy's potential release for a crime he didn't committ."Ahead of tonight's #EastEnders How do you think Phil will responde to Shirley's threat?

Will he 1. Report to Keeble that Shirley is blackmailing him putting the Carters at risk? 2. Will he use Shirley to help bring down Sam and secure Billy's freedom?" asked one fan."Shirley might have contacts to help Billy out but this seems unlikely.

I think Shirley would gain higher satisfaction in bringing down Sam over choosing to go against Phil," added a second.However, other fans think that as Phil tries to bring Sam down, he could land back in jail too - thanks to Shirley."It'll be interesting actually to see what proof Shirley gets against Sam.

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