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Dog bites toddler on face in horror attack – missing her eye by less than an inch

dog in a shocking unprovoked attack.Eighteen-month-old Kelsie Male was thrown back onto the pavement after an Alsatian-cross lunged and sunk its teeth into her face - missing her eye by just millimetres.Her horrified mum Sophie Garth, 28, who was a few steps behind, desperately ran to her aid before the bloodied and bruised tot was rushed to hospital.Doctors said she was lucky to have only suffered minor physical injuries - but her parents say the incident has left her deeply shaken.The family, from Portland, Dorset, say it has left their youngest daughter waking up crying in the night, unhappy to be left alone and "jumpy" around both people and other dogs.Sophie said: "Watching that dog go for my daughter is a sight that will sadly never.

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