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'Disgusted' bloke complains that Sports Direct Hermes parcel arrived 'covered in blood'

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Sun, Paul said: “It was covered in blood. Hermes have 'investigated' and say that it isn't blood so it must be paint.“Short of going to a lab to prove either way, it seems to be a stalemate.“At first I thought it was just a pattern but as I handed it to my other half she said ‘it's covered in blood’ and so I smelled my hands and could smell a metallic blood smell.

I was bloody disgusted."“Liars, and they know it," he added. "I'll keep the cover if I need to prove it.“If it looks like blood, feels like blood and smells like blood...

It's blood. Some c***’s got stabbed.”The company has explained that the mystery red liquid wasn’t blood, but paint.A spokesperson for Hermes told the Daily Star: ""We have been in contact with the customer to.

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