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Desperate hunt for tiger who has killed eight after elderly man becomes latest victim

A desperate search has been launched for a tiger which has killed eight people in two years. The predator mauled to death a 70-year-old villager in India on Monday after he went to get firewood from a forest in Khambada, approximately 410 miles from Mumbai.

Deputy Conservator of Forest Arvind Mundhe told the Indian Express the tiger pounced on the man, who has been named as Maroti Pendam.

It is understood family members and other villagers went to look for Pendam when he didn't return that night. The next morning, they found his remains, some of which had been eaten by the tiger.

Marks on the tiger suggest it has already killed seven others in the past. "We have been trying to capture the tiger using tranquilliser darts but with no

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