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Dad stunned to discover note in shop wall describing builder's electric shock in 1986

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Daily Star's biggest headlines straight to your inbox!A shop owner doing maintenance on his building found a hidden 35-year-old note scrawled on a poster about electric shocks where the author describes that he got electrocuted when working on the same building.Daniel Bodman, 39, was renovating the building when he discovered the funny letter written by a 'Mr Nicholas Poole' in 1986, and now he wants to find the unfortunate builder.The handwritten note, found in Devizes in Wiltshire, said: "While doing this job, I was electrocuted because I touched two bare wires accidentally." But bizarrely the message was scrawled on the back of a 'Treatment of Electric Shock' poster - complete with pictures of how to do CPR.He is transforming into the.

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