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Curvy woman slams trolls who say she ‘catfished’ Bumble date who stood her up

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Bumble date who stood her up last minute. Nicci Nunez, who posts on TikTok as @niccinunezz, took to the app to show off her outfit for her first date with a man she had been speaking to online.However, the date didn't go ahead as she realised after arriving at the venue that he had unmatched her - and some trolls online have claimed he didn't know her size beforehand. READ MORE: Woman declares she's 'hot and fat' after mean trolls say she'll 'die before she's 40'In the initial video, which gained more than 917,000 likes, the Swipefat Podcast co-host, from Chicago, explained: "I was supposed to have a first date tonight and he just unmatched me on Bumble, so I guess we're not going to get drinks anymore."But I thought I would show you guys my outfit so somebody saw it, because I know I'll get questions."She shut off the camera after declaring that it was "a cute look" and it was "his loss".Although, in the comments, she was inundated with comments from people who wondered whether she had been completely honest about her body shape on her dating profile.Reacting to her step back from the camera, one user said: "Holy sh*t I was not expecting that."Another asked: "You look beautiful!!!

Did you put a full-body shot on Bumble? Not trying to be rude but I want to know why he unfollowed you. You’re gorgeous."However, Nicci responded to one of the comments with a new video to shut down claims that she had catfished him."In 2022, if a fat person wants to go out with somebody from a dating app, they have to put full body photos showing exactly what they look like," she added in the follow-up clip, which gained more than 100,000 likes."I got so many comments on this video asking if I was just posting selfies, What the f**k?

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