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Countdown board spells out another rude word – and Rachel Riley is mortified

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COUNTDOWN star Rachel Riley has been left-faced after being forced to spell out yet another rude word on the game show. Rachel, 36, had placed a selection of vowels and consonants on the board before the contestants tried to make the longest word possible.

Once the 30 second 'Countdown' had bonged, host Colin Murray smirked and said: "Interesting first round..." Contestant and current champ Quinn Bartlett then stifled a laugh as he told of his eight letter word, saying: "Urinates." Rachel, wearing a gorgeous red dress, did her best to keep straight-faced as she spelt out the word on the board.

Grinning, Colin confirmed in a sing-song voice: "Urinates is there!" READ MORE ON COUNTDOWNfinal countdown This is why Anne Robinson left Countdown CAMPAIGN OF ABUSE Rachel Riley tells of 'horrendous' online abuse after blogger's post Quinn's opponent, contestant Leome Francis, unfortunately lost the point, as the best he could come up with was the six letter word 'purist'.

Fans found the scene amusing, with one joking on Twitter: "All 4 has always been a quality streaming service." This, however, is by no means the first time that Rachel has been left mortified during an episode of the Channel 4 game show.

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