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Coronation Street spoilers – Ryan’s life left in TATTERS after taking fall for robbery; plus Emmerdale & EastEnders news

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CORONATION Street's Ryan Connor has lost everything after taking the wrap for boss Debbie's insurance scam on the Bistro. The Coronation Street staple stole money from the safe in the Bistro as part of Debbie’s (Sue Devaney) plan to claim on the insurance.

He thought he had gotten away with the crime after assuming the CCTV was off after the power to the premises was cut. But in last night's episode of the popular ITV drama, Debbie was left horrified when she learnt from Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) that wiring the CCTV a certain way meant the system actually stayed on the entire time.

After being arrested, Ryan answered "no comment" throughout during questioning - unaware he was digging himself a hole by evading the truth.

On his return, Ryan informed Debbie he had been released on bail and will more than likely go to prison, given the fact his boss almost certainly won’t admit it was her idea.

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