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Coronation Street’s Frank ‘rumbled’ as Aaron’s abuser as fans ‘work out’ DNA link

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Coronation Street fans think they’ve finally rumbled the identity of Aaron’s abuser - a certain Frank Bardsley.Sean Tully’s boyfriend was exposed as a bully over the course of a few weeks, with funeral director George Shuttleworth recalling horrific incidents of abuse at his hands.But Frank took things a step further by yelling at Sean’s son Dylan, leading him to dump him right there and then on the doorstep. READ MORE: Coronation Street's Sean Tully star teases on-screen romance as new actor confirmed Meanwhile, Aaron has been showing up at Summer’s covered in bruises, claiming to have been mugged - but fans soon caught him on a suspicious phone call urgently reassuring the person on the other end of the line that he’d be home soon.Aaron’s chest and ribs were covered in bruising, with Summer frantic that he might have a broken rib and urging him to visit the hospital, but Aaron refused.It’s convinced viewers that he’s being abused by someone close to him - and plenty think it’s Sean’s ex-boyfriend.Taking to social media to air their theories, one fan penned: “I think it’s Frank who’s abusing Aaron cause since Sean split with him the abuse has got worse and I think Stu catches Frank.”Another added: “Maybe Stu’s daughter was married to Frank and Aaron is their son, and Frank abuses him.

What do you think?”, as a third echoed: “I think it’s Frank!”“Likely to be the guy Sean went out with,” someone else said.A fifth Twitter user said: “I wonder if Frank is abusing Aaron?”Other theories as to the true identity of Aaron’s abuser have included Stu Carpenter - after he told his daughter Bridget that he “didn’t hurt that girl” and she slammed the door in his face - and Audrey’s suspicious son Stephen, who has shown his temper on.

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