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Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone, 44, says her first name has been mispronounced for DECADES

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Alicia Silverstone is setting the record straight on how her name is meant to be pronounced.The 44-year-old Clueless actress took to TikTok to clarify the phonetics after insisting everyone has been getting it wrong for years.'Just an FYI… It's Ali-SEE-yuh,' said the beautiful blonde who is a single mother.

Setting the record straight: Alicia Silverstone, 44, clarifies the correct pronunciation of her name on TikTok after insisting everyone has been getting it wrong for yearsAlicia's clarification was prompted by a new viral trend on the platform in which a user asks: 'Tell me what your name is...and then tell me what people mispronounce it as.'In her dueted video the Hollywood star went through the many names people had been calling her..

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