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Clayton Echard Told Zach Shallcross He’ll Be ‘Grateful’ to Go Down as the ‘Boring Bachelor’

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From one “boring Bachelor” to another? Clayton Echard revealed he spoke to Zach Shallcross as season 27 of The Bachelor airs.“I was the ‘boring Bachelor’ until I wasn’t in the last three episodes,” Clayton, 29, said on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “I hated the word boring because I had an insecurity of not feeling good enough when I was younger and always being a people-pleaser … It stung when I was called the ‘boring Bachelor,’ but what I found out was I would rather be known as the ‘boring Bachelor’ than known as the piece of you know what or the d-bag Bachelor or [a] terrible human being.

I’d rather people just call me boring than start to attack my character.”The 180 Degrees: On Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Unlocking Self-Belief author recalled his conversation with Zach, 26.“I said, ‘Hey, being the ‘boring Bachelor,’ it’s not fun, but if you’re confident in who you are, it won’t sting you as much as it did me.

You’ll be a lot happier to walk away with a genuine love connection or with just an experience being known as boring than being absolutely thrown [and] fed to the wolves and torn apart and going through this mental struggle of people telling you to kill yourself and all this negativity,’” he explained. “I’m like, ‘Dude, be boring.

You’ll be so grateful to be boring at the end of it.’”Clayton also agreed that Bachelor Nation can be hard to satisfy.“If you took the negative comments from what he’s getting and my negative comments and you mixed them up and then I threw ’em out there and said, ‘Do you think this came toward Zach [or] toward me?’ You wouldn’t be able to tell.

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