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Chef Liz Rogers Is a Proud “à la Mode Girl”

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Glamour: What four staples are always in your kitchen?Liz Rogers: I always have eggs, butter, vanilla, and milk.What’s an edible impulse-buy you can never resist?I really just love cupcakes, period.

But if I had to pick one flavor to buy it would be a vanilla cupcake with buttercream icing.What does comfort food mean to you?I had a job at a really upscale retirement community and I was the director of culinary services.

When I got hired I was in charge of all the meals and [the residents said] they’d never had food like that. I remember talking to one of the residents and the guy said, “If my food was taken away from me I’d just give up and not want to live.” It made me realize that comfort food is so important because it just brings you.

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