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Bernie Ecclestone likens Putin's war on Ukraine to boxing fight that'll 'end in love'

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F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has doubled down on his stance over Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine in February. Appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Ecclestone, when asked if he still considers Putin a friend, said: "I’d still take a bullet for him.

I’d rather it didn’t hurt, but if it does I’d still take a bullet, because he’s a first-class person."Ecclestone, 91, has now backed his controversial comments when speaking to Piers Morgan on his TV show, Piers Morgan Uncensored.

He said: "In the end after war, everyone is good friends, It's like a boxing match, after the boxing match everyone loves loving each other."READ MORE: Bernie Ecclestone stuns Piers Morgan by comparing N-word to "being rude"Ecclestone then bafflingly asked: "How many Russians were there in Ukraine when he [Putin] invaded?"When Morgan insisted that they were Ukrainians, Ecclestone hit back at the TV personality by saying: "They were Russians, they were all Russian people." Morgan then accused Ecclestone of sounding like Putin as the conversation went on.Ecclestone continued: "I honestly believed he'd walk in there, and it was going to be a surrender, white flag waved, and that was it." What do you think of Bernie Ecclestone's comments?

Let us know in the comments section When Morgan hit back, saying he can't invade sovereign European countries, Ecclestone replied: "Have America moved into different countries where they're not really welcome?"My feeling for him [Putin] is that he's not the person that's being portrayed, in fact, he's not being portrayed at all, they're just showing what's happening and saying he's the one that's made it happen."Morgan looked on baffled as Ecclestone appeared to defend the Russian leader.Russia launched their.

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