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Bargain Hunt star makes history with most valuable item ever that avoided charity shop

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BBC One viewers were in for quite a surprise after one lucky fella brought in his humble goods after a much-needed lockdown spring clean.As excited clients queued up around the block with their hidden gems, one gentleman brought a slew of ornaments which were collecting dust around his house that he hoped would bring in a pretty penny or else end up in his local charity shop.READ MORE: David Dickinson to be honoured at National Reality TV Awards as nominations revealedAnd it’s fair to say his humble stash may just go down in history as the most valuable items to enter the lucky auction house after it was valued at an eye-watering £390,000.Antiques expert Charles Hanson was overwhelmed with surprise to see the prized 18th Century find – originating from China – tucked away in a little home in Burton-Upon-Trent.The Hansons auctioneer founder described the historic item as “the most important item I've ever sold” as he explained the value of the tiny teapot to presenter Natasha Raskin Sharp whose story aired back in 2020.She said: “Of course, valuable items aren’t found every day but our next story might just restore your faith that hidden gems are out there.“I’m joined now by auctioneer Charlies Hanson who has brought something rather special for us to peruse.

Charles at first glance, a wee teapot, but what exactly is it?”Her introduction gave the BBC expert the chance to gush over the small ceramic which almost ended up on the shelves of a charity shop.He gushed: “It’s amazing, I think this is the ultimate Bargain Hunt find; our client came into the salesroom with a bag for charity but then this came out and he said, ‘Is it worth anything?’“What we’ve got here Natasha, is a [teapot] and it would’ve been a ceremonial.

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