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Athena Kugblenu: ‘The more you get cancelled, the more immune you are to it’

Athena Kugblenu, referring to the sitcom about an afterlife so airbrushed and virtuous it is too good to be true. “If people say they’ve never said anything politically incorrect to friends or to family, they’re lying!”An early adopter to social media, Kugblenu has “around 50,000” tweets and countless blog entries stretching back to 2009 – a small library of incisive, amusing takes on everything from sports to politics and identity. “I’m Team Markle,” she jokes, “but there’s nuance to everything. ”In a new BBC Radio 4 series, Athena’s Cancel Culture, Kugblenu is now bringing nuance and levity to the most polarising of internet subjects and she doesn’t shy away from controversy.

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