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Astonishing new tummy blitz melts fat and tones abs without gym or diet

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I've been living in Lycra and denial for a year, but the non-fastening zip on my pre-lockdown jeans has forced me to face the truth.

I'm having a midriff crisis. My stomach has always been the first place to pack on the pounds, and I can't pretend my current overspill isn't thoroughly deserved.

Since switching to home working, I'm no longer racking up a 10,000-step daily commute, and with long hours and fewer real-life meet-ups I'm struggling to find either the time or motivation to stay in shape.

When I finally turn off the computer, I'm far more likely to switch on Netflix than Joe Wicks. What I need, basically, is a lazy girl's way to flatten the flab: no diet, no exercise and no willpower required.

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