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Anne Hegerty spills ITV secrets from The Chase as she reveals pre-show ritual

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Anne Hegerty is one of the most famous quizzers on British television, but now she's revealed how she prepares before every episode of ITV's The Chase.Known as The Governess, Anne is regularly seen crushing contestants with her superior knowledge skills on the popular ITV quiz show, which is hosted by Bradley Walsh.Whilst her genius quizzing skills are in no doubt, some fans might be wondering just how the TV quizzer gets her brain in gear before stepping into the studio to tackle those quick-fire questions read by Bradley.The Governess herself spoke exclusively to Daily Star's Sam Huntley at the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday (May 8), where she admitted she regularly competes in quizzes outside of the hit ITV show.It came just before The Chase picked up the Best Daytime gong at the glitzy award show, which was held at the Royal Festival Hall in London.When asked how she prepares for going into The Chase studio, Anne said a producer comes in and "throws" questions at them to get the brain juices going.She said: "There is actually a sort of warm-up session.

One of our producers comes in and throws questions at us. I think from the quiz team, and it's just to kind of get the quiz juices going."When asked if it's like preparing for an exam, she said: "Not really.

I'm doing things all the time. I mean, yesterday I was at a big quiz and it's just the sort of thing that we do. Wednesday I was doing an online quiz on Zoom."The idea of The Governess walking into your local pub quiz is one that would send shivers down the spines of any punter hoping to bag the top prize at their favourite establishment.So it's lucky for them that Anne doesn't really concern herself with pub quizzes, given she doesn't think they're that good.Asked.

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