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A Nurse’s Reflections on Working Through COVID-19

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By Blade MandersImagine this; life is pretty good, you’re working an amazing job, caring for some of the most incredible and vulnerable people and then one day, on the drive home from what can only be described as a pretty unremarkable night shift, you hear a story on the news about a virus.Like you do with most things you see or hear on the radio, news or , you think nothing of it.Only, news of this virus spreads fast and hot, with numbers increasing daily; it isn’t long before this virus makes world headline news “Coronavirus has now been classed as a global pandemic.”That is when everything changed.

Over the past two years, I have been tested.COVID-19 destroyed my goal of becoming a nurse in Scotland at one of the largest tertiary hospitals in Europe; it made me question my integrity.

It made me fearful, not only for my patients but also for my family, some of whom are immune-compromised. Working through this virus has had its good days and its bad.I have always considered myself a fairly resilient person.

Still, nothing prepares you for the fearful look in some people’s eyes as you explain the process of a PCR swab and direct that person to wait in isolation until their results come back.Nothing prepares you for the screams of young children as you put a swab up their nose.Nothing prepares you for the grim reality of just how bad this virus has affected people.

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