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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjær KSO (Norwegian pronunciation: (About this soundlisten); born 26 February 1973) is a Norwegian professional football manager and former player. He is currently the manager of English club Manchester United. As a player, he played as a forward and spent most of his career with Manchester United. Solskjær also supervises a training academy for young footballers in his home town of Kristiansund, and is a patron of the Manchester United Supporters' Trust.
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9 health benefits that daily orgasms promise – from sleep quality to longer life

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Hot Octopuss have shared their science-backed health reasons for daily orgasms. Now it means there's simply no reason for you to put off some kinky fun in the bedroom anymore!From fighting off infections to improving sleep quality, you'll be amazed at what a daily boost of "Vitamin O" could do to you.So now that we've got your attention, here are 9 reasons why daily orgasms are great for you.There's plenty of research to suggest that regular sexual activity helps boost your immune system.A survey of college students in 2004 found that those having frequent fun between the sheets had 30% more immunoglobulin A.A study of 50,000 men from US's National Cancer Institute found those ejaculating more were less likely of developing the.

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